Friday, 30 July 2021

Churches (110) : St Mary, Hinckley

The parish church of the Assumption of St Mary in the Leicestershire town of Hinckley dates from at least the 13th century, a beam has been found marked 1246, though was probably built on the site of a Saxon church. The West tower dates from the 14th century, the clerestory probably from the 15th.

The church was restored in the late 1870s, the North and South aisles and the transepts were demolished during this work, an 18th century gallery was also demolished. The church is built from freestone coursed blocks and rock faced ashlar.

Thursday, 29 July 2021

Model Week : Mustang

After a month or so without any activity finally i have resumed project #096 a North American Mustang. I build my models in the conservatory so in the middle of Summer its too hot to do anything of course! Now to try and get this model finished quickly, i'd still like to reach a hundred completed kits this year.

Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Shropshire Places (5) : Albrighton

Albrighton is a large village in the East of the county. The village was listed in the Domesday Book as Albricston, the farm of Albric, though the village's origins are 6th century. Albrighton received it's Borough charter in 1232 allowing it to form a Corporation and hold markets and courts. The charter was renewed by Charles II in 1664. 

The parish church dates from 1181 though much of the current church is from a Victorian restoration. Very close to the church is the parish church of St Cuthbert in Donington. The border between the two parishes being Humphreston Brook, this now feeds a nature reserve.

Albrighton's industry was mainly agriculture though brick, clock and button making was also well-known at different times. The railways arrived at Albrighton in 1849.

Monday, 26 July 2021

Business in Banbury

On Saturday i paid my first proper trip to Banbury in well over a year (a few weeks earlier i changed trains at the station but didn't leave). I visited the Grimsbury part of the town and had another walk along the Oxford Canal. Of course i also bought some Banbury cakes! You can see my canal photos here and other Banbury/Grimsbury photos here.

Saturday, 24 July 2021

Model Week : Surviving the heat

It's been a hot week and enthusiasm for operating Birches Green was low until temperatures got a bit lower! The layout survived the heat without any apparent warping of the track (which did happen in a previous heatwave). Maggie has been used to test the track with a passenger and a freight train. Shard End has also been tested.