Saturday 2 December 2023

Derby disappointment

Yesterday i had a day off and headed up to Derby, hoping it would be as fruitful as my last trip in mid-October. Unfortunately it was a bit of a damp squib with not many interesting trains around this time. It was also very cold indeed! However, i did take some photos which can be seen here.

Friday 1 December 2023

Review of 2023 : January

So, another year is coming to an end and therefore it is time we had the review about what i got up to and more importantly where i went. This review will follow the format of previous reviews with an entry for every month. You can see the 2022 review here, otherwise let us return back to January 2023...

The first trip in 2023 was to Holmes Chapel in Cheshire and a nice start to the year it was too. This was followed a trip over the Welsh border with a visit to Wrexham, then Barrow-upon-Soar in Leicestershire. The superbly named Wem in Shropshire was next and if that wasn't enough there was time to visit London at the end of the month as well!

A hot start to the year, but there were many more trips to come... including one to a whole different country but you will have to wait for August for that! Song of the month was "crazy glue" by Trevor Something.

Chalk Farm tube station

Holmes Chapel



Thursday 30 November 2023

Tuesday 28 November 2023

Street name signs of Birmingham (5)

And finally in our survey of the metal street name signs of Birmingham, we look at a few oddities. The standard form for signs is for the street name to be in black (on a white background) and the postcode in red. Any extra information underneath the street name is in black. This is usually adhered to but there are a few examples around the city where it isn't quite right!

Back Road, Kings Norton

Greenfield Road, Harborne

Mill St, Aston

Finally, we have a Birmingham pre-war street name sign... but in Southam, Warwickshire! There must be an interesting story about this sign...

Monday 27 November 2023

A walk along the Sheffield & Tinsley Canal

It has been awhile since i walked along a new canal for the first time, the last one was probably the Shropshire Union Canal last year. On Saturday i walked the Sheffield & Tinsley Canal from it's city centre terminus out as far as (near) Hyde Park tram stop. You can see my photos here.