Friday 17 May 2024

Churches (224) : Abbey Church of St Mary the Virgin, Tewkesbury

A monastery has existed in the town since 715CE but the abbey's origins are from the 10th century. The current abbey church was begun in 1102 with construction lasting several centuries (and surviving a serious fire in 1178). After the Dissolution, the abbey church was saved by the townsfolk who wanted to continue using it as their parish church. One part of the church that has not survived is a free standing bell tower which was demolished in the 18th century.

The church is large, the same size as many cathedrals in the country. The church has a cruciform plan with one of the largest Romanesque crossing towers in Europe. The tower was once topped with a wooden spire but this collapsed in 1559 and was not replaced. The church has an eight bay nave with aisles and a north porch. The church is mostly built from limestone ashlar.

Thursday 16 May 2024

Polesworth at last

I have been to Polesworth railway station before, though on that occaision i drove to it and was only able to look through the locked gates. Polesworth is what is known as a "difficult" station. It has one train a day, and that arrives at the station before 7am! In order to arrive at Polesworth by train i had to travel from Birmingham New Street before 6am and then get the one train a day to Polesworth from Nuneaton. 

It was worth it though, and i was the station's only user that day as no one else boarded or alighted! Afterwards i had a look around the village and then took a bus back to Nuneaton. You can see my photos here.

Wednesday 15 May 2024

Model week : Some testing

The ballasting has been done, not perfect but seems good enough. I have now laid the track on top though await some nails to properly fix the track down. A little light gluing was done to allow some test runs using my Class 33 and Class 28, both ran fine. I was surprised how little issues there were. 

Now, laying track onto ballast is unorthodox but i am trialing a new method which hopefully means less mess and makes it easier to move track afterwards. Later on i'll paint the track so it blends in with the ballast below better. Well, we will have to see how it pans out anyway!

Tuesday 14 May 2024

South Liverpool

At the weekend i went up to Liverpool, this time not charging about hunting for new stations for a change. Instead i wanted to visit some places in the south of the city that i had only had a fleeting time at on previous Liverpool trips, this included a walk along the Overpool promenade of the Mersey. I also visited the ruins of St Luke's church in the centre. You can see my photos here.

Monday 13 May 2024

Calculators (19) : National Semiconductor Novus 750

This addition to the calculator collection was manufactured in about 1976 and has a very pleasing 1970s beige and brown look. The calculator supports the four arithmetic functions only though displays numbers with a lovely red LED display.

The calculator does turn on though operation is pretty flakey. The slightest movement can clear the display. Like many calculators of this vintage the logic of the CPU seems to have suffered bit rot. It can display entered numbers but not really do anything with them.