Wednesday 16 November 2016

Tile motifs of the Victoria Line

The Victoria Line is the most intensively used line on the London Underground. It is a fairly recent addition to the network being built in the 1960s and opening (in stages) from 1968 [1]. One interesting feature of the new stations built for the line, which runs from Walthamstow Central to Brixton, is that every station has a unique motif incorporated into the tiling [2].

These motifs were intended to aid identification of the station for passengers though a casual visitor might have a bit of trouble working out what some of the motifs stood for. Finsbury Park for example has a motif of a pair of pistols as it was where duels took place in the past. Warren Street has a maze, or you could say a warren?!
Finsbury Park

Warren Street

[1] Oliver Green, The London Underground (Ian Allan, 1987) p. 59
[2] Chris Heaps, BR Diary 1968-1977 (Ian Allan, 1988) p. 13