Saturday, 22 July 2017

Nostalgia rails around Birmingham

I stayed local for this week's rail adventure, intending to visit a few of Birmingham's many stations to collect content for my Calling At... stations blog. I did that and also enjoyed quite a nostalgia fest. First of all i headed up to Blake Street, a station i've never stopped at before but i remember it well from my youth as i was always told it was the furthest i could go on a local travel pass (not that i ever did!)

Then i headed up to Marston Green, my place of birth but oddly rnough i've never been to the railway station before until now. Small Heath was also visited and the final new station was Duddeston. This station i had seen the outside of many times as a kid as the 55 bus i went to town on with my Nan went past it. Finally i stood on the platform many years later. You can see my photos here, some of the less pretty and touristy sights of Birmingham maybe but no less a part of the city than the fancy city centre stuff!
Blake Street

Blake Street subway

Marston Green

Small Heath