Friday 26 January 2018

Five years of the model railway project

When i was a boy i had a model railway (though it wasn't very good to be honest) but i stopped in my late teens due to other things becoming more interesting like girls (in theory anyway).

When i became a home owner in my late twenties one of the things i planned to do in my new house (and with plenty of space) was have a model railway again. Thirteen years later (and five years ago today) i finally got around to ordering some new railway stock and a few days later (January the 31st to be exact) i was able to run a train on my dining table...

The next five years have seen a number of adventures and misadventures. I guess i like to try and learn from my mistakes and there were plenty of those. I am now on my third generation layout since 2013. However the Falcon (which i called the blue locomotive) is still running. You can read more about the layout on its dedicated blog. A Flickr photo gallery showing the older layouts can be seen here.