Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Golden Age (5) : The Nursing Home Murder

The Nursing Home Murder by Ngaio Marsh (with some medical advice from Dr Henry Jellett) has all the makings of a superb read. It combines a murder mystery with a medical operating theatre drama and even a bit of politics thrown in! It doesn't quite succeed. It is a good novel though at the end you are thinking it could have been so much more considering the ingredients in the recipe.

Chief Inspector Alleyn was Marsh's best known character who appeared in no less than thirty two novels (this was the third). Alleyn is an interesting character: a gentleman inspector with the Met but also able to mingle with the underworld (Communists in the case of this book!)

Unlike many Golden Age novels with their enthusiastic amateur detectives this book features solid police work including under cover and a crime reconstruction. There are a couple of enthusiastic amateurs who Alleyn calls upon for a bit of help, they are pretty annoying but luckily do not dominate proceedings.