Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Golden Age (8) : The Mystery Of The Mud Flats

This novel by Maurice Drake is an interesting tale of mystery, chemistry and adventure on the High Seas... or rather the North Sea and Dutch coast.

Although released as part of the Collins Detective Story Club in 1929 (after being released first as WO2 in 1913) it is not really a detective story although one of the characters does a good job in finding out what is going on - though more in the vein of a secret agent than an Inspector from Scotland Yard.

It is an engaging and atmospheric story told in the first person with an intriguing bunch of characters. Also interesting about the story is that there are no real "good guys", even our heroes are on the con to various degrees but as the book was published when it was and other lot are German then of course we are supposed to root for them!