Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Golden Age (13) : Weekend at Thrackley

Better known as a broadcaster Alan Melville wrote a number of novels in the 1930s including the already reviewed Quick Curtain and this novel which is another witty crime caper. Weekend at Thrackley is pure Golden Age, crimes take place in a country house and are solved by plucky amateurs helped by the police.

What makes Thrackley stand out is the intriguing nature of the crimes, although murders do take place the main focus of the story is jewel theft and forgery. The latter takes place in a secret underground lair, like a prototype Bond villain base.

There are many things to enjoy and intrigue in this story, one being the presence of our hero Jim. Why he has been invited to the house as he isn't rich or famous like the other guests is a mystery that keeps one guessing right to the end.