Wednesday, 10 April 2019

BGLR : Little Big One

If you have a standard gauge wagon loaded with goods which are needed where there are only narrow gauge rails what do you do? You can transfer the load of course to a narrow gauge wagon but this is time consuming. One option is to load the standard gauge wagon onto a flatbed narrow gauge trolly and transport it that way! This happens on the Central European narrow gauge networks which Birches Green is modelled on and with the arrival of this new Roco combination it can happen on the BGLR too!

The standard gauge (HO) wagon is a bit wobbly though on the HOe trolly. It is also a bit heavy. Ruby is pictured with the wagons but was unable to make a lap of the BGLR loop without a little help from a 1:1 scale finger! The Bear was able to pull the wagons and this was it's final duty before joining the reserve fleet.