Sunday, 7 July 2019

Mersey rails back in time

Yesterday I headed up to Liverpool for the first time this year, my aim was to visit some of the oldest railways still in operation and I achieved just that. First off Rainhill the site of the famous Rainhill trials one hundred and ninty years ago where Stephenson's Rocket won and set the template for locomotives until the mid-twentieth century. Then along to Broad Green, the third station ever in the world to open and the oldest station still open (though a remarkably unhistoric spot).

A lot newer was Wavertree Technology Park, I wanted to visit this as my Dad was born nearby in Wavertree. Finally I headed across to the Wirral and West Kirby and Hoylake, a rather lovely art deco station. You can see my photos here.

Broad Green

Wavertree Technology Park

West Kirby