Thursday, 4 June 2020

Bringing the calculators to life

For years I have had a real physical calculator next to my laptop. I know there are calculator apps galore but i find it much quicker to use a real calculator when i need one rather then have to find and load the app, and then click on the buttons. I used a HP 12C calculator, an iconic one still widely used today. It also is notable for using Reverse Polish Notation.

Unfortunately the HP is starting to act up. Instead of buying a new calculator i decided to just get some batteries and try one of the dozens of old calculators I own (some of which featured on this blog earfier in the year of course). First i tried my Commodore 887D but this didn't turn on. I had better luck with my Commodore 776M, the red LED digit display looking gloriously retro. My similar Commodore 796M also works. Not bad for forty five year old electronic devices!