Sunday, 6 September 2020

Old workplaces

Yesterday I had a walk around the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham and visited the first three workplaces I have been at in my career. All three were the business locations of Tw2 which I worked at from 1995 until it's demise in 2001. The first location was on Lionel Street, in just a couple of months time it will mark twenty five years since I began my working life there, a fresh faced graduate who had little idea what he was doing. After a couple of years the company moved to bigger premises on Northwood Street. 

Finally, amid much expansion, came the move to swanky (and thus expensive) offices on Newhall Street. Like many companies which expanded rapidly with the resulting debts and expenses when there is a downturn then the bills become harder and harder to pay. However there were some good memories in these places and I'm glad all three still exist even if Tw2 itself is long gone. You can see my Birmingham photos here.