Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Warwickshire Places (11) : Maxstoke

Maxstoke is a hamlet in North Warwickshire near to Coleshill, although being mostly rural Maxstoke has a number of historic buildings and places of interest. Maxstoke is home to Maxstoke Castle which was built in 1345CE by Sir William de Clinton. The castle is in a good state of preservation and is privately owned. Of a similar age is Maxstoke Priory, also established by Sir William de Clinton and was a full Augustinian priory. It was dissolved in 1556CE. Now only ruins remain of the priory though the gatehouse is reasonably intact.

Next to the priory is the parish church of St Michael, it was built around the same time as the priory and may have been it's chapel ante portas. Between Maxstoke and Coleshill was the latter's first railway station which was built in 1839. The station was closed for passenger traffic in 1917 though remained open for freight (not that there was much of it) until 1923 and was renamed Maxstoke station. Remains of the platform can still be seen.