Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Cathedrals (7) : Coventry

Coventry cathedral is one of the most extraordinary buildings in the country, though that can be said to have been thanks to the Blitz! Coventry's first cathedral was built in 1095CE but was demolished during the Reformation, the only medieval cathedral to suffer this fate. The second cathedral was begun in the late 14th century and was a parish church dedicated to St Michael, one of the largest parish churches in England with one of the tallest spires. It was elevated to cathedral status in 1918.

In 1940 the cathedral was almost destroyed by German bombers, only the tower, spire and parts of the outer wall survived. Work on a new cathedral began in 1956 next to the remains of the old cathedral. The new cathedral had a Modernist design and the juxtaposition of this superb structure next to the remains of the old cathedral is poignant and forward thinking. The result is a building that truly captures the imagination and spirit of remembrance and reconciliation.