Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Typewriters (5) : WH Smith Red Fox

From the late 1970s is this rather fine WH Smith branded typewriter. It was actually made by Silver-Reed and is very similar to the Silver-Reed Silverette we have seen already. One key difference is this typewriter is red of course! It works pretty well and has some rather tasteful grey keys.

Can you use typewriters in anger these days? Well of course, the world runs on text still. I have used my Brother Deluxe 1350 in anger once, typing the address on an envelope which was much less bother than trying to do it on my laser printer (which is Brother too incidentally). I have toyed in the past with trying to organise a type mob where typewriter wielding hipsters descend in a cafe and drown out the place with the sounds of keys and carriage returns. No one would probably turn up though if i did it so i'll leave that kind of thing for cool people to do.