Friday 20 October 2023

Churches (202) : St Mary, Newtown / Y Drenewydd

The church of St Mary is a former Anglican church in Newtown in Powys. The church was built along with the town itself in the late 13th century which was built by Roger de Mortimer on land granted to him by King Edward I of England following the defeat of Llewelyn the Last. The church was built on the site of an existing chapel next to the river Severn. The church had a double nave and was made from rubble with a red sandstone dressing. The west tower has a wooden bell stage.

The church was abandoned in 1856 following decades of problem caused by flooding due to the proximity of the river. Although much of the church is now in ruins the 13th century bell tower was restored in 1939. At the church is the grave of Robert Owen the founder of the cooperative movement.