Monday 20 November 2023

Street name signs of Birmingham (3)

After the Second World War many places in central Birmingham needed reconstruction after the Blitz, and many people moved out of the old central areas to new build suburbs as the city expanded into places like Shard End. A new design of street name sign was also developed, a more modern design befitting the times. The new signs used a sans serif font on a utilitarian rounded rectangle design. The new design gave sufficient space for additional information such as if the road was a cul-de-sac. The signs usually included the postcode.

This design is still very common across the city especially on post-war estates. It remained the standard until Birmingham switched to printed vinyl signs in the late twentieth century. The early form of these copied the same typeface and design.

Firtree Road, Erdington

The Shardway, Shard End (notice the cul-de-sac information)

Poplar Road, Edgbaston

Printing House Street, Birmingham