Monday, 11 July 2016

Whats in the Mac box Part 2

We opened the Apple Macintosh box in Part 1 and found the manual for the original Mac and how to use this new fangled mouse thing. Once you had mastered double clicking and dragging what actually could you use this massively expensive cream box for?
Well the Mac had a graphical user interface so you could do some graphical things with it, like produce pie charts using Microsoft Chart (sold separately).
Spreadsheets perhaps, Visicalc helped turn the Apple II into a monster hit after all. Microsoft Excel (sold separately) was written for the Mac first then the PC. Of course for some heavy duty number crunching you might need to buy a special numeric keypad add-on (sold separately).
Going on-line was becoming popular in the mid-80s with the advent of BBSes and services like Compuserve. Your Mac could have an Apple Modem (sold separately) to get online at 300 baud or an eye-wateringly fast 1200 baud!
With these (not inexpensive add-ons) you would be flying with your new Macintosh. You would soon get "that look" like this chap. That look which says "I am in control of my Macintosh".
Delving deeper into the Mac box we find a second manual for MacPaint, now you can let your Mac strut its stuff and you can draw a geisha. Try doing that on a Trash 80!
Lifting the MacPaint manual we have reached the bottom of the box... but wait there is something else here. A Macintosh cassette? What is this?
Unfortunately the tape doesn't contain early 80s Apple games or even long lost Grateful Dead songs but instead contains an audio tour of how to use your Macintosh. Alas i no longer have a working tape player so i can't tell you what this actually sounds like...