Monday, 26 December 2016

2016 Review : Books

I buy a lot of books, most rooms in the house have a book case in them and still i have run out of space. The loft is where a lot of books end up, plus i do throw away quite a few too. I get books on a number of subjects: railways and the military mostly. Back in the distant past my best friend and I used to buy huge amounts of military books. We called ourselves The Book Barons. Well we were young...

The best book i have bought in 2016 is "Night Trains of British Rail". Its a simple subject, photographs of the railways during BR days during the night. A simple subject but also a much changed and fascinating one. A different world of newspaper trains and mobile Royal Mail sorting offices. Its a really lovely book well put together, you should check it out.

Other highlights of the year's book buying have been "The Aldwych Branch", "Merseyside Electrics" and the Haynes book on the "VC-10".

Fiction wise i spent most of the year finally getting around to reading Len Deighton's Bernard Samson trilogy of trilogies. Many years ago i watched the ITV adaptation of the first trilogy and thought i needed to read this. Well its only taken me a few decades to get around to it but it was well worth the wait.