Wednesday, 7 December 2016

2016 Review : Out and about

Every year on my old blog i used to review the passing year in December. Some times i did a month by month review of the year but i think this can be a bit boring, you want broad brush strokes with this kind of thing not fine detail. So to start... where did i go in 2016?

The answer is a lot of places! To be honest i hate staying at home at the weekend after a week of work so tried to go out somewhere every Saturday. As well as fairly regular haunts like Stratford-upon-Avon, London and Banbury i also broke new ground by travelling to places like Matlock, Portsmouth and Cromford. The Pompey trip at Easter also enabled me to go to the Isle of Wight which i only vaguely remembered from a holiday way back in my early childhood.

I also went up to Liverpool a number of times and explored places like New Brighton and Crosby (which was the first place i ever lived - though was too young to remember it). I've also liked travelling to smaller places in 2016 like Heyford and Ambergate. Basically if there is a railway station handy its on my list. I hope to visit many more places in 2017.
Portsmouth harbour

New Brighton