Monday, 20 February 2017

Grosvenor Canal

The Grosvenor Canal was once a canal that stretched from the Thames up to where Victoria station is now. However over the years it has been gradually cut back to what remains is about as long as my back garden! Just a dock remains now (with modern fancy apartments all around natch), though the pontoons look a bit odd without any boats moored to them. You can see my photos here.

The canal was first opened in 1824 in Pimlico and originally stretched for three quarters of a mile. It was gradually reduced in size as first Victoria station and then Ebury Bridge housing estate were built over it. Despite this it remained in use for loading rubbish barges and indeed was the last London canal to be used for commercial traffic as late as 1995! The remainder of the canal today is now referred to as Grosvenor Waterside.