Monday, 13 February 2017

Snow Hill at the end of the 1950s

I've recently bought a good number of railway photographs from various sources off eBay, most are from the 1980s but there are also some which are a bit older. These 2 photos have written on the back of them that they are taken at Birmingham Snow Hill. The Class 26 in one of the photos is described as "ex-works" which means the photos could have been taken in 1958 or 1959. The liveries seem correct for that time period. The railway scene is completely unrecognisable (to me anyway), if it didn't say where it was on the back i'd have no idea!

Just above the loco in the first photo can be seen the company name Taylor & Challen Ltd., they were a manufacturer of lathes and metal presses in Birmingham, many of which are still in use though the company is gone (bought out by an engineering company in Erdington interestingly). The surviving buildings are now mainly apartments like much else in the Jewellery Quarter.