Sunday 20 August 2017

Castles (3) : Oakham

Oakham is the county town of Rutland and also home to Oakham Castle which dates from Norman times and is a great example of Norman architecture. While the defences and ramparts are largely gone the great hall survives intact though was more a fortified manor house than a strategic defensive position.

The castle has been recently fully restored and is also a court house, in fact it is the longest running seat of justice in England.

A notable feature of Oakham Castle is the collection of horseshoes. Peers of the realm by tradition submit a horseshoe to the Lord of the Manor of Oakham when they first visit. The oldest surviving horseshoe was presented by King Edward IV in 1470. Several other monarchs have also presented horseshoes including Queen Elizabeth II. The horseshoe has become the symbol of the county of Rutland. You can see my photos at Oakham Castle here.