Saturday, 28 October 2017

Langley Mill, the meeting of 3 canals

As i said last month when i completed the towpath i was missing between Whatstandwell and Ambergate i had walked all of the Cromford Canal... except the short stretch at Langley Mill... so i rectified that today! At Langley Mill the Erewash Canal meets the Cromford and Nottingham Canals, now only the Erewash remains as an actual waterway at that location nowadays.

The Cromford Canal stretches for a couple of hundred metres (most of that not public towpath as far as i can tell) though i did walk the bit i could which was about as long as my garden! The Nottingham Canal is just a basin now though i have walked the surviving stretch of the canal through Nottingham before. I also walked a stretch of the Erewash Canal. You can see my photos here.