Tuesday, 17 October 2017

World of Learning

I've attended the World of Learning event at the National Exhibition Centre a few times now and today i went again for the 2017 edition. As usual i took in a few free seminars on learning and development and tried to avoid sales people. The event is more aimed at staff training than what i do which is create courses for a private college but i did pick up a few pearls.

As with last year though most of the expert hints on best practice seemed to be stuff i already do, which is self-affirming of course though maybe also slightly annoying as it would be good to hear more ideas on how to improve what i do.

One problem with going every year is that it does become a bit samey, even some of the freebies were the same as last year. But its good to get out of the office at least once a year. Now to try and implement some of the good ideas i picked up. Sound! My courses need sound. Luckily we do have a plan in place...