Tuesday 29 October 2019

Derbyshire Places (4) : Langley Mill

Langley Mill is a small town on the border with Nottinghamshire. The town was originally known as the village of Long Lea and has existed since medieval times with a water mill recorded in the Domesday Book. The village was a crossing place for the river Erewash since at least the twelfth century.

Langley Mill is most known as an industrial centre and this was facilitated by the arrival of transport links including the canals - the Cromford, Erewash and Nottingham Canals meet at Langley Mill and the railways, the current station is a stop on the Erewash Line. The village grew into a town thanks to industries like the Midland General Omnibus Company, Aristoc and G.R. Turner which employed thousands of people.

As with many places these names are now long gone though industry remains in Langley Mill but on a smaller scale.