Monday 19 June 2017

Walking the waterways (12) : Cromford Canal

One end of the Cromford Canal, at Cromford Wharf in Cromford is not in doubt. But with the canal only navigable for a short distance (to the aqueduct just past High Peak Junction) and for much of its route barely surviving at all where is the other end of the Cromford Canal these days?
Cromford Wharf

High Peak Junction
Is it at the end of the Wigwell Aqueduct where the current limit of navigability is? Or where the canal meets the Erewash Canal? However there is a big stretch between those two points with little water or indeed little trace of the canal at all. I've chosen Ambergate for the end of the canal these days as this is where the waters peter out into a bit of a dribble. This is the end of the continuous water from Cromford Wharf.
The final dribble

Canal bridge at Ambergate