Thursday, 23 January 2020

Flickr-ing away?

Flickr has, for a long time, been one of the cornerstones of my online digital presence. This has especially been so as i have begun to travel around the country taking photos of... well anything and then blogging about it. I find Flickr vitally useful in finding anything among the tens of thousands of photos i have now taken. If i want some photos of a railway station or church, for example, its much easier to search through my photos online than try and find it on my Mac.

Therefore the doubts being expressed about the future of Flickr by it's current owners Smugmug have been worrying. If Flickr doesn't start paying fot itself then the service may cease to exist. Unfortunately the way they are aiming to try and do this is by large price rises. Prices have doubled since the last time i renewed my PRO subscription in 2018 and with more price rises on the way there was the offer for PROs to renew early at the old prices. Now my subscription wasn't due to expire until June but i decided to renew and now i no longer have to worry about it for just under thirty months.

That is if Flickr is still around then. There have been concerns about the services' future before especially towards the end of Yahoo's reign of error. Back then i began to take measures to prepare just in case Flickr died, i now have multiple back-ups (offline and online) of my photos. So if Flickr did die then i'd have the photos, though i'd lose all the metadata of course. Lets hope Smugmug can turn things around though i think how they have handled things leaves a lot to be desired...

It is hard to say for sure what the first photo I uploaded to Flickr back in 2006 was as i deleted some old ones but i think this rather fine picture of a bus is definitely one of the earliest.