Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Review of 2019 : A year of rail travel

At the start of the year i decided to keep a spreadsheet of all the different types of train i was going to travel on in 2019. I recorded the type of rolling stock and the company operating it. In total i travelled on two hundred and forty trains in 2019, plus a couple of score more if you include preserved trains and the likes of the tube.

If we are to analyse the journies taken (unfortunately) there are few surprises. The railway companies used are pretty much as you expect for someone who lives in Birmingham! The top four companies were West Midlands Railway, Chiltern Railway, Cross Country and London Northwestern.

Similarly the types of train also holds no surprises with the types used locally like the Class 323 and 170 dominating. I will create another spreadsheet for 2020 and in a year's time we will see if there are any changes!