Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Warwickshire Places (8) : Polesworth

Polesworth is a large village in the North of Warwickshire near the border with Staffordshire (and not that far from Tamworth). Polesworth dates from Saxon times with Polesworth Abbey established in 827CE. The abbey survived the Norman invasion though not the dissolution of the monastries. The abbey itself was plundered for stone though some remains can still be seen. The abbey's church survives as the parish church of St Editha and the abbey gatehouse also survives and is now living accommodation.

The Coventry Canal reached Polesworth in 1770 and this helped build coal mining and clay production indstry in the area. Coal mining survived in Polesworth into the twentieth century though nowadays the village is mostly a commuter town (though Polesworth station has a very poor train service).