Saturday 30 September 2017

Filling in the gap (Whatstandwell-Ambergate)

I've walked the Cromford Canal from Cromford down to Whatstandwell before and also around Ambergate a couple of times but there was a mile or two of towpath i hadn't yet been to yet so today i walked the canal the 2 miles from Whatstandwell to Ambergate to fill in that gap. Now i just need to walk the short stub of Cromford Canal near Langley Mill and then it can join the exclusive company of canals i have walked the entirety of!

While that stretch of the canal doesn't have a great deal of items of interest apart from a couple of bridges (it is not yet navigable) its a very scenic walk along the towpath, in the Derbyshire dales. There are few better places to be! You can see my photos here.