Monday, 28 January 2019

BGLR : Rotation policy

As mentioned in last week's post on the Birches Green Light Railway (my model layout). The layout is rather small and the fleet of locomotives is steadily increasing. Only about four or five locomotives can be comfortably be accommodated on the layout at any one time but the fleet now numbers twelve! Therefore a rotation policy is applied with a pool of locos in the active fleet and the rest in safe storage (the reserve fleet).

Currently each loco in the active pool has around eight months service before it is replaced by a loco in the reserve fleet. However there are some complications. New locos mean the schedule has to be amended of course. Only one shunter at any one time is needed, plus there is a six month term for the engineering trolly which shares departmental duties with a shunter. One of the shunters is also out of action due to a bad motor... so the scheduling requires a bit of work! Naturally I've created a spreadsheet to keep track.

It would be great to have a layout big enough to accommodate the entire fleet but at least this helps preserve the locos. Falcon indeed has been with us six years now. Last Saturday (the twenty sixth) was the anniversary of Falcon arriving and heralding the restart of my model railway hobby after over twenty years absence. In those six years Falcon has done plenty of circuits of the layout...
Black Beauty has just gone into the reserve fleet, it should return later in the year