Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Rupert the Bear

When I was a youngster my Mum always used to buy me a Rupert the Bear annual for Christmas. I never used to read them though as I was more into spaceships and robots rather than the adventure of a little bear, fairies and elves. Later on she continued to buy me a Beano annual but eventually I asked her to stop a few years ago. But because I knew I was always going to be her little boy and she wanted to get me an annual for Christmas I asked her to get me a Rupert the Bear annual instead.

So now I have quite a few, from recent years and also a few from my childhood which have been kept. I have finally started to read them! They are indeed lovely stories, tales of innocent adventure and also nostalgia. I'm glad I never threw away any of these annuals. The nostalgia and wonder of the stories, plus the folklorish elements appear to me now as didn't so much in the late 1970s.

Rupert has been around since 1920 and continues to appear in the Daily Express. Over eighty annuals have now been released.