Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Golden Age (26) : The Lyttleton Case

The Lyttleton Case is an enjoyable crime novel by R.A.V. Morris. It includes quite a mixture of crimes too as it involves a missing person inquiry, impersonation, grave snatching, kidnap and murder! The novel contains many twists and turns, a complicated and intricate investigation by both the police and (as this is a 1920s mystery) the keen amateur too.

The story opens with the chance discovery of a young man's body and financier Sir Lyttleton, who is called off to the USA urgently but never returns. Sir Lyttleton's daughter Doris and her fiancĂ©, Basil are the ones who raise the alarm. Chief Inspector Candlish has been investigating the dead young man to no avail and moves onto the missing Lyttleton. Lyttleton's body later turns up in another person's coffin and Candlish begins to realise the two cases are linked somehow... 

Not a flawless story but one with a number of surprises and a good pace throughout with a bit of flair. Strangely, despite the promise of this book, Morris did not write any others.