Friday, 1 January 2021

Review of 2020 : December

The final month of the year and with lockdown restrictions lifted the rail adventures could resume. They started with a trip to Leamington Spa, focusing on the parish church. Next was a trip to Nuneaton, a place i have visited before but never left the station, so i thought it was time to change that. The same could be said about the trip to Bromsgrove the week after, i headed into the town for the first time.

Following Christmas there was just enough time for a trip to Walsall before lockdown (in all but name) descended once again. When the 2021 adventures can begin is not yet known but they will, you can be sure of that!

Song of the month was "no need to hide" by Softwave. Artist of the year was Trevor Something. Let's do all this again next December.