Monday 15 January 2024

Northamptonshire Places (2) : Kings Sutton

Kings Sutton is a village on the south-western edge of the county near to Banbury (in Oxfordshire) and Brackley. There have been settlements in the area since the Bronze Age, a Roman settlement was nearby in the early first millennium. The Saxon saint Rumwold is said to have lived and died in Kings Sutton in 662. The oldest building in the village is the parish church dedicated to St Peter & St Paul, which has some surviving Norman elements and may have some pre-Norman material.

During the Civil War, the Royalists dug saltpetre (potassium nitrate) at Kings Sutton which was used for gunpower manufacture in Banbury. Near the village is the 18th century manor house Astrop Hall. This was also the site of a popular spa for a time.

Kings Sutton gained a railway station in 1872. Close to the village passes the Oxford Canal.