Monday 14 December 2020

Review of 2020 : May

Lockdown continued in May but the rules loosened by mid-month to allow for journeys by car. I started off though with a long walk, to Castle Bromwich. Once behind the wheel I did some exploring of North Warwickshire starting with a trip to see four churches in Water Orton, Shustoke, Over Whitacre and Nether Whitacre. Next i went to Polesworth which i had been planning to visit by car anyway, the town has a station but the service barely exists which means the only feasible way to stand on the platform is to drive to the station!

I also went to Lichfield, a place i have been to a number of times before but this time visited a number of churches and the cathedral. More churches were visited in Middleton, Wishaw and Canwell. Finally at the end of the month i drove to Brownhills.

It was great to spread my wings a bit (safely of course), i still missed the trains though i could feel the return to rail would come soon. Despite being at home all of the time i only started model building this month.

Song of the month was "Something is missing" by Softwave.