Saturday, 26 December 2020

Review of 2020 : October

With the lockdown storm clouds gathering again, October was a final chance for some major rail adventures. It was another busy month. Things started off with a trip to Stourbridge. Long Eaton was next including a trip to the town itself (which i didn't do on my previous trip) and another canal walk. I did another canal walk on my third trip to Rugeley of the year.

Next up was Kidderminster, to see the new station and also to visit the town itself. Obviously i have been here many times before but always for the SVR. This time i walked the canal in the town instead. I also returned to Hatton, to take some rail photographs with my Nikon DSLR. I also did a canal walk here too!

Beaconsfield was another place i returned to, this time walking to the Old Town. Finally there was a trip to Cheltenham, heavy rain did ruin the fun slightly but i would have plenty of time during Lockdown 2.0 to dry out!

Song of the month was "false reality" by Trevor Something.