Sunday, 3 December 2017

An Essex album

Completely on a whim i bought, last year, "Vintage Photograph Album Containing 92 Black & White Pictures 1920s" off Ebay. The photos were interesting though completely baffling as there was no information included as to where the photographs had come from and whom they were of. Most of the photographs had no captions though a few did and as Clacton-on-Sea figures a few times in the album i am guessing the photos are of an Essex family in the 1920s. Of course they could be from somewhere else entirely and Clacton is just where they liked to go on holiday!

I'll scan a few photos and display them here over the next few weeks. They seemed a fairly affluent family as they seemed to have a car. Farm animals figure a few times so maybe a wealthy farming family?
We'll start with the pier in Clacton-on-Sea in 1924
Also included this rather lovely bridge over a river

This little one could still be alive perhaps though would be over 100 now!
I couldn't read this, at somewhere in 1922 anyway!