Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Review of 2017 : August

August continued the trend for new locations and new discoveries. It started with my first of 3 Hidden London tours this year with a visit to the former Highgate station in North London. While i was in London i travelled around on rail a lot of course and also ventured out to Sevenoaks in Kent.

Oxford is somewhere i have been to before of course but i took my Mum there for her birthday and i took a number of photos in the fine city and the railway station. I also returned to the EVR for its diesel locomotive weekend.

Then later in the month over to Oakham in Rutland, including its castle. Finally up to Staffordshire to visit the lovely Foxfield Railway for the first time. Song of the month was "resigned" by Lycia.


Oakham castle

Foxfield Railway