Friday 29 December 2017

Review of 2017 : November

I've always found November is a bit of a nothing month like February, it just exists to space out the year with nothing much exciting happening. Well November was still a fairly busy month for my travels. I tried a new model this month in visiting a single station in a short visit and not trying to fit so much into one morning. The model was trialed with a trip to Danzey and again for a trip to Wood End later in the month. In both cases the station was more or less all there was to see and needed to be visited for my stations blog. I've used this short trip model again in December and will again in the Winter months in 2018.

A longer trip was made to the North West, including the North West Museum of Motor Transport and the Sankey Canal - both in St Helens. I paid my first trip to the LT Museum Depot in Acton this year and also did some rail exploring around West London. I also had time at the end of the month to visit Stafford station.

Song of the month was "home again" by Let Em Riot.

North West Museum of Motor Transport

Sankey Canal

LT Museum Depot