Friday 29 December 2017

Trams and drains... a final London adventure for 2017

The last couple of days i have been in London having a final rail adventure for the year. As is usual recently i have been aiming to visit as many new stations as i can to gather content for my stations blog - well i now have eleven more potential posts. I also finally saw the new 707 EMU after a couple of near misses earlier in the year.

A highlight though was travelling on London's tram network, the Croydon Tramlink. The final part of Transport for London's mighty empire for me to explore (well ignoring the cable car anyway). I also travelled on the Waterloo & City Line again (aka "The Drain") which is also fun. Earlier today i visited the Northern terminus of the Bakerloo Line and a few other stations, i just have three left to visit before i can "clear" that (and my favourite of course) line. An objective for 2018! You can see my photos here.