Saturday 9 December 2017

Stratford and a final trip on London Midland

I headed down to Stratford-upon-Avon today. I don't go as often as i used to but i think its still my fourth visit of the year which isn't bad. My main reason to go though was because i wanted a final trip on London Midland before it hands over to the new West Midlands Trains company tomorrow.

Now there is no need to get too mushy over the demise of London Midland, the same trains and staff will be operating tomorrow and it will take years to relivery all the trains. However it is a bit sad personally as when i returned to regular train travel first to go to Stratford for my frequent visits to the archives during my masters and then to work in Worcester for a few months it was with the company i travelled. So i'll miss them, even though really just the name has changed!

I didn't do a great deal in Stratford, just venture around the canal basin though its interesting that some work is taking place there. You can see my photos here.